January 2019 | HDF in the major leagues

The Capignacienne company, which specializes primarily in pavement maintenance and rehabilitation, has managed to carve out a place among the many New Champlain Bridge project workers in Montreal as a Signature partner on the St. Lawrence River. The secret of this company? Count on the best teams, possess the best equipment on the market and master the most advanced techniques.

Last Fall, a team of eight workers from Constructions HDF was working in the Montréal metropolis to contribute to the largest construction site in the country, the construction of the brand new Samuel-De Champlain bridge. Remember that this project was started in May 2015 and should have been completed no later than the end of June 2019. HDF completed part of the work last Fall and work has already resumed this spring.

Preheating of asphalt with infrared: still an uncommon technology

At the end of the season, a step is essential before paving the new road that will cross the St.Lawrence River, preheating the slab and installing a waterproofing membrane.

Everything has been made possible by infrared preheaters fueled by propane. Uncommon in Quebec, the infrared preheating process is an operation that allows for continuity of work in cold weather, which allows to extend the operating season. It is this same process that also allows us to start work earlier in the spring.

Other major projects

Constructions HDF also seized the planing contract for the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve and the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montreal in the spring of 2018. This work was done in a robotic manner using 3D guidance, with the aim to perform a profile correction accurately. Remember that cold milling is a process of disintegration and removal of materials that corrects certain
deficiencies in the running surface.

In order to be able to obtain such contracts, Constructions HDF has two adapted equipments which offer the possibility of performing work of optimal precision by 3D guidance, a W250i with a width of 2.5 meters and a W220 with a width of 2.2 meters. Five other cold milling machines, of varying sizes, also offer different services such as asphalt mix and micro cold-milling. “It’s by
having passionate, rigorous and skilled employees that we succeed in shaping things up. We train our employees and are open to doing things differently, both on the job site and in the administration. The synergy of the team generates excellent logistics of the sites and our desire to innovate allows us to obtain important contracts, “explain François Pelletier and Caroline Hébert, co-owners of the family business.

Constructions HDF

Recall that Constructions HDF works everywhere throughout the province of Quebec. The wellestablished company, which has been in business for nearly 60 years, also offers stabilization and spraying, asphalt paving, sweeping, snow removal, heavy equipment purchase, sale and rental as well as aggregate transportation services.

– Press release, January 2019